Rachel and Jason have 20 weeks left in Nashville until they move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their goal is go do at least 1 memorable thing every week.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 4: Nolensville Feed Mill

One of the things I've found about Nashville is the fact that if you go off the beaten path, you can find some cool little surprises in and around the Nashville area. We have ventured to the Jack Daniels' Distillery in Lynchburg, and on a couple of occasions we have ventured out to some of Rachel's favorite spots. One of my new favorites is the Nolensville Feed Mill.

Nolensville is a tiny little community about half an hour south of Nashville. It is one of those towns where if you blink, you'll miss it. No big fast food chains, no big supermarket stores, and before I found the feed mill: no real reason for me to drive out there.

I was a little apprehensive the first time she took me into the feed mill. I'm not much for history, and the idea of a little general store in the middle of nowhere didn't suit me very well. I'd much rather just stop by and pick up what I need at Walmart. I recently did a little history and found out the mill had been around since 1890. The original one had burned down in 1933, but the existing one has been standing ever since.

As you pull up, it looks like this place would be a great stop for the guys from the show American Pickers. Antiques strewn about the patio, visible junk/treasures under the building, and a kitchen sink next to a rocking chair. I wondered what I was getting into but headed inside.

I felt like I was wandering back into time. A time life was simpler, and for the most part, much better. As soon as we entered we were greeted by Darin, whom we later found out was the owner. Without knowing us, he sparked up a conversation. "Ya'll like cheese, you gotta come try some of this stuff, it's amazing." He ushered us over to a counter where he had already set up a few containers and let us sample about 6 different items. Chicken Salad, jellies, cheeses, banana bread, and the bread itself...it was ALL incredible. A lot of the stuff he gets in are sent from an Amish community in Indiana, and it is awesome. Where can you get such amazing customer service like this thesedays?

Looking around the store, we found some of our other favorites. Sprecher Root Beer, and Sprecher Orange Dream, Hatcher Family Dairy chocolate milk, and seriously...some of the best banana bread I have ever tasted. Later this month they are opening a deli, and I cannot wait to try that.

We visited again this last weekend during the Nolensville Buttercup Festival. A cute little festival that only took up a block or two. Seems like the feed mill was the heart of the action with live music on their porch, bake sales and other groups selling their goods. Quite a neat little gathering. The store was absolutely packed, and I for one, am hoping that not alot of new people catch on to one of our little secrets.

For more information, visit http://www.nolensvillefeedmill.com

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  1. Nice article! our little town is very supportive of the Feed Mill - it's a great place to have a seat and strike up a conversation:)